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Midya Farajnejad :

he was born in October 1983 in a virtuoso family. Since he was a child he attended to learn the grace of art at the presence of his mother , whom she was one of the student of maestro Hasan Kamkar , and also his grandfather whom he was a Persian instruments maker .

During his adolescence he started to play the “ taar” with all his passions in his own privacy for four years .

He started to study “Taar” under instruction of his first teacher Keyvan Yahyazadeh in 2000 for two years , then in 2002 he went to sooreh art university and graduated as a composer and Taar player.

He was also trained by the other different masters such as :

Ata janguk , Hamid Sokuti , Abdolnaghi Afasharniya ,..

Then he completed his knowledge about music, Radif (the traditional classic repertoire) , balladry and assimilation of Persian poet and music under supervision of maestro Mohsen Nafar.

He composed and published his first album in 2007 and performed many concerts. From those times until now he has composed several albums such as :

Distress tale (singer: Hodjat Ashrafzadeh)

Endless road (singer: Hesam seraj )

insurrection(hossein alishapour)

Dream Of Sun (singer: Ali Bakhtiyar)

baad aabaad (singer: ashkan kamangari & narration poem maestro mohammad ali bahmani)

Jaras (singer: Sina Sarlak)

rebellion (Instrumental)

he also published mane singles in these years.

in 2020 he start and produced an online Talent identification Project named as ( Avaz – Moaser ) , In this project, he and his colleagues succeeded in judging And introducing many unknown persian traditional vocalist in and out of Iran.

He has recently started a project called (Tar and History)

In this project he composes verbal or instrumental tracks

based on architecture of historical buildings in different cities.

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